100 Women Who Care Calgary surpasses goal

100 Women Who Care Calgary is marking its one-year anniversary in a big way, with the largest donation they’ve raised yet for a city charity.

The organization has its members attend four, one-hour meetings per year.   At each meeting, they can nominate a cause which is voted on by everyone that evening and each member contributes a hundred dollars.

The charity that receives the most votes, gets the pot.

Founder Alison Lapczuk tells 660News their most recent meeting raised close to fifteen thousand dollars for the SAS (Specialized Autism Services) program at Renfrew Educational Services.

She says families have access to support and the ability to connect with other families.

“I can speak for my own nephew, that he had a preschool five mornings a week that was specially equipped for his needs and then, every single afternoon during the week, he had an aide come to his home.   They had special therapists coming into the home and really helping him to achieve all the milestones that he needed to,” says Lapczuk.

She says, 100 Women has raised more than forty-four thousand dollars in total since its inception last November.  It has also sparked the creation of the new group, 100 Men Who Give a Damn Calgary.

Lapczuk says both organizations are hoping to grow with every meeting.

100 Women Who Care Calgary

100 Men Who Give A Damn Calgary 

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