Free screening of documentary to raise awareness about forced marriage

Despite a move to Canada, forced marriages are still happening among immigrant families.

The Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association is attempting to raise awareness about the problem by holding a free screening of the documentary “Forced.”

Calgary filmmaker Iman Bukhari tells 660News, it involves the story of a woman who was 13 when she was taken back to her birth nation and forced into marriage.

“When they go to their birth nation, that’s when they find out that they’re actually being forced. They are Canadian citizens but this does happen and it even happens here, too, because a few of my friends that I spoke to said ‘our parents let us know that we have no option and we just carried out as they pleased and we got married here in Canada’,” said Bukhari.

She says she was amazed at how many people reached out to her when she was asking for someone to come forward to tell their story.

Bukhari says she wanted to show the history of the practice and the emotional scarring it causes.

The screening will be held Tuesday, April 21st, at noon at the John Dutton Theatre in the Central Public Library.


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