Investigation underway after two small dogs killed by pitbulls

Animal and Bylaw Services is investigating after two separate dog attacks this weekend.

Both incidents occurred in the city’s northeast: one in Martindale and the other in Skyview Ranch.

In each incident a small dog was attacked by a pitbull.

Both small dogs have since died.

Alvin Murray, Operations Manager with Calgary’s Animal and Bylaw Services, says they are still in preliminary stages of the investigation.

“In both cases no charges have been laid at this time,” he said. “It’s still very early in the investigation but we do have two pets that are deceased and it’s highly likely charges will be laid and it will be before to courts.”

He added, they are still working on finding and contacting the owners of both pitbulls.

“It’s a matter of us making sure we do a thorough investigation, making sure that we have the right people, making sure we charge the right people. At this point we’re still very early in the game,” Murray said.

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