Legalizing marijuana won’t fight addiction: former police chief


Former Police Chief Rick Hanson says the legalization of marijuana next year will not reduce addiction problems in Calgary.

Hanson points to a new wave of drugs which are even more potent than fentanyl.

He says the reality is organized crime groups make huge amounts of money by getting people hooked on illicit drugs.

Hanson says there are only a few ways to deal with the issue of addictions.

“One’s with education, you know getting kids at the right time so you can give them the facts to make the right decision, but also recognizing that events happen with people where they become alcoholics or addicted and the services have to be there to get them out of the same situation when their desirous of doing that, of getting out,” he said.

Hanson is the Capital Campaign Co-Chair for’ Fresh Start, a men’s alcohol and drug treatment centre in Calgary.

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