Calgary’s Chocolate Lab celebrates big business during Easter season

The Chocolate Lab in Calgary has had a very successful first Easter. Chocolatier and co-owner Dallas Southcott says its designer Easter eggs got a lot of attention.

“Each of these eggs are one of a kind, everyone is different and my staff and I are creating a really visual fantasy for Easter and each of these eggs are filled with truffles and caramels and they’re kind of a little bit of a surprise egg where you can crack open and get stuff inside,” he said.

Southcott says people seem to like the shop’s special creations.

“From what I’m told we’re doing something in Calgary that’s not being done right now, so even our regular items which are our award winning artisan bonbons, they attract a lot of attention so the eggs are just another evolution we decided on, you know we stick to seasonal themes.”

Southcott adds, the shop has been preparing since Valentine’s Day and had a tough time keeping up with the high demand of the eggs which are now completely sold out.

The Chocolate Lab has been open for about a year and is located in Chinatown’s Heritage Block at 202D at Centre St. S.E.

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