Jason Kenney pitches fixed vote date, changes to fundraising, tax rules

EDMONTON – Alberta Opposition Leader Jason Kenney says if he wins the spring election, he will bring in democratic reforms on everything from floor-crossing to desk-thumping.

Kenney says he would also bring in a fixed election date and pass a law that would force a referendum before any future government tried to impose a carbon tax.

He says Albertans sent a clear message in the last election that they wanted politicians to clean up their act.

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Kenny says a United Conservative government would bring in a law to allow voters to recall their legislature member and force a byelection if 40 per cent or more signed a petition.

A UCP government would also make all MLAs vote on a motion that stated a sitting member wanting to switch parties would have to resign and run in a byelection.

Kenney says the party would also amend legislature rules to end the noisy tradition of pounding and slapping on desks to show approval of a motion, speech or comment.

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