Calgary Stampede prepares for summer event with 18,000 pound order of corn dog batter

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — “Wait, we have to stop to grab a corn dog.”

It’s something you or your friends have said or something you’ve heard in passing at the Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth.

Corn dogs and the Stampede go hand-in-hand and for some, the corn dog stand is a ‘must-stop’ when at the event.

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Well, good news for fans of the deep-fried food, staff with the Calgary Stampede announced on Friday they have ordered 18,000 pounds of corn dog batter.

It is an absurd amount of batter, but might not even be enough for consumers of the food.

For example, if you’re trying to find an animal that weighs a similar amount you’ll have to head over the pacific ocean and locate some African Elephants, and even just one wouldn’t equate to the 18,000-pound order, you’d need another half-elephant to round it out.

As for vehicles, you’ll need to pull up your two large monster trucks to match the order.

Needless to say, it’s a lot of batter.

Batter that will have no problem being fully consumed by the time July rolls around.

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