Hens, bees could be coming to a backyard near you: city approves pet bylaw changes

Chickens, bee colonies allowed on properties and other changes to pet rules with new bylaw beginning 2022.

CALGARY – Starting next year, you’ll be able to keep backyard hens and bee colonies in Calgary.

Calgary council approved a new pet ownership bylaw which allows up to 100 backyard hen licenses they can give out and makes licenses mandatory for hens, pigeons, and bee colonies.

“If we happened to get to more than 100 people wanting to join the pilot we’ll use a lottery system to select those people,” explained Jennifer Lawlor with the City of Calgary.

“By staggering how we’re starting this program this will allow us to ensure it’s implemented smoothly and it will benefit the hen owners, the hens themselves, and the broader community.”

Another change now gives bylaw the power to label animals with nuisance or dangerous designations.

Calgary’s chief bylaw officer, Ryan Pleckaitis, says the new power will give bylaw more utility and flexibility to deal with issues more effectively.

“If an animal is barking, it’s a recurring problem, through our standard enforcement approach we can’t resolve the issue, then we can apply that nuisance designation and put specific controls on the dog owner or on the animal such as not allowing it out during nighttime hours.”

The bylaw also caps the number of dogs and caps to six of each per household.

The bylaw comes into effect January 2022.

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