Despite Saddledome concert cancellations, Stampede will be a success – officials

Four concerts will not go ahead as planned at the Saddledome during this year’s Stampede.

The Dixie Chicks, Tim McGraw, Carly Rae Jepsen and Kiss shows are cancelled, with officials saying they are hoping to reschedule.

Bruno Mars on July 17th is also postponed, with the possibility of others.

Hundreds of volunteers and contractors continue to rebuild the track from the base up, which was filled with millions of gallons of water.

Vice-President of Programming Paul Rosenberg said despite the cancellations at the Saddledome, the track is in the best shape its ever been.

“We’ve taken a look at all the bucking sheets, all the steel, all the runways, made sure it’s all safe and it is, we’ve disinfected and put new dirt down.

There have been no troubles with the midway and Vice-President of North American Midway Greg Korek said when they came to set up, the grounds were already cleaned up and in excellent shape.

With the Saddledome in rough shape, officials are looking to get it up and running as soon as they can.

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