Inspiring youth, one soccer ball at a time

It’s not just a soccer ball to Calgarian Nicholas Moskaluk; it’s a life-changing gift.

His organization “The Ball is Round” is hoping to distribute 1000 soccer balls around in world, in an effort to help children play freely, while developing important cognitive, social and emotional skills.

When Moskaluk and his girlfriend were traveling in Morocco a few years ago, they saw some children kicking around a makeshift soccer ball, which was made of tape, string and plastic bags. It brought the two little boys so much joy.

“That seemed to be all they knew,” Moskaluk explains. “The more we watched, the more we realized we had to do something.

They then decided to purchase the youngsters a real ball from a nearby store.

“We walked over to the little boys, who were still playing,” he says. “We gave them the ball and it just made their night. Everything just stopped. Ever since that trip, we always bring soccer balls with us when we travel.”

Because Moskaluk is a physical education teacher by trade, he knows the importance of sport in a child’s life.

“The ball it transcends culture and gender,” he says. “If there’s a ball at your feet, you know what to do.”

For more information on how you or your soccer club can get involved with “The Ball is Round”, click here.

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