1010 Centre opens its doors

After nearly a decade of work on the project, it was finally move-in day for the first residents of an affordable housing tower in Calgary’s core.

The 12-story, mixed use building has been named the 1010 Centre after its location on Centre Street and 10th Avenue NE.

The Mustard Seed spearheaded the $61-million dollar construction project and will fully maintain and operate the tower.

Lyall Thomson, CEO at the Mustard Seed, said for many of the 224 people who will be moving in, this is the first time in a long time they will have a place to call home.

“It’s overwhelming. They’ve come from the shelter where they’ve been lying on a mat, and that’s their only home, or before that they were out on the street and had no place to go. They’re overwhelmed, a lot of emotion, I mean they’re a bit nervous too because this is a new venture in their life,” said Thomson.

The Mustard Seed will provide support in many areas of their tenants’ lives as well as join with other organizations to help subsidize the cost of living in the new tower.

“They will be paying rent. If they are low income then it is a percentage of their income, it’s a threshold level, and it’s always going to be way below the normal rent of any neighbouring building, at least 20 per cent lower, and if they are homeless, they will get support through government programs as well,” said Thomson.

The building is representative of Calgary’s 10-year plan to end Homelessness which aims to provide housing for 1,000 chronically and episodically homeless by this year.

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