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Kelowna company buys world’s largest tow-truck

It’s a $1 million purchase that’s already turning some heads in Kelowna B.C.

Mario’s Towing has now taken possession of the world’s largest tow truck and general manager Nicholas Moretto is already looking forward to doing some heavy-lifting.

Built in Quebec, their latest toy has an 80-tonne boom and a 60-k winch package on the back.

“The changing demands in towing, with road safety we did some research and thought this would be a great investment to make what we do better,” Moretto said. “We already have a pretty large heavy fleet, so this is just in addition to what we already had.”

“It’s a new Peterbilt, the body is a pretty unreal product for that much.”

Moretto expects they probably paid a lot for the research and development.

There are 21 other trucks in the world that are similar in its structure, but it’s the tow package that makes this the biggest.

It took employees five to six days to get the vehicle across country.

“I don’t know what the fuel bill was, thank God the company footed that,” he said with a laugh. “We got lots of phone calls from passerbys by who would tell us neat truck, a lot of people have come by the shop and brought their kids to sit inside it and take pictures.”

He said they built it with one of their drivers in mind and it’s ready to go.

They just finished training him and they’re hoping it will hit Kelowna streets soon.

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