RCMP will review Alison Redford’s actions

Premier Dave Hancock says the RCMP will review former Premier Alison Redford’s travel expenses,and use of government aircraft.

Hancock says he has read part of the the Auditor General’s report on the matter, and as soon as it’s released tomorrow, he will be directing the Minister of Justice to refer the report to the RCMP for their review and possible investigation.

“While this is a difficult decision for me, I am extremely disappointed to learn of Ms. Redford’s actions while Premier. I had great respect for her and great hope for the promise she showed early in her tenure,” says Hancock”.

“As she said in her own statement, a lot of good was done for Albertans and Alberta and that is why this turn of events is so unfortunate.  As elected officials, we are first and foremost public servants. We are entrusted with resources that are to be used only for public benefit. We want to assure Albertans that our government understands and respects this trust.”

The Auditor General reportedly found that passenger lists on government aircraft were altered so Redford could fly alone.

Redford resigned as MLA in Calgary Elbow Wednesday, following months of controversy.

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