Local imam reiterates peace must prevail after violence in Paris

The attacks in Paris are once again forcing a local imam to condemn terrorist actions.

The prominent proponent of peace is once again forced to renounce attacks he had nothing to do with.

Founder of the Islamic Supreme Council of Canada Syed Sohowardy said these terrorists do not represent Islam and the actions of the Islamic State, Boko Haram and the Taliban clearly against the word of the Quran.

“They are creating havoc around the world, they are killing more Muslims, It is not just killing Westerners, or killing Christians or Jews or Atheists, it is killing human beings,” he said. “You cannot kill children, you cannot kill women, you cannot kill the elderly, you cannot kill civilians”.

Sohowardy said he, too, disagreed with the cartoons of Charlie Hebdo, but there are peaceful ways to resolve these issues.

“We disagree and there is a process to resolve this disagreement,” he said. “There is a process to resolve issues and disputes and that process is not based upon violence, that process is not based upon intolerance, that process is not based upon hate”.

He said discuss the issue, educate the person, have a public debate, take it to the court or if that fails, leave it for a higher power to judge.

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