With warm weather, is now the time to change winter tires?

With the temperatures in the mid to high teens for at least the next week, many Calgary drivers are wondering if it’s time to switch out those winter tires for the year.

The Kal-Tire at North Hill Centre has been getting a ton of calls lately, concerned that driving while it’s warm and dry might cause undue and premature wear on their tires, while others may just want to get on their spring rims.

Assistant Manager Terry Mcmanaman said however that drivers should hold off, because Calgary does get snow well into April.

“Not yet, because the road temperature is still cold enough that you can keep your winter tires on and the big reason we’re giving them, is it’s still going to snow,” he said. “The next question is are we going to wreck our tires? No you’re not.”

He said the May long weekend is a usually the latest winter tires should stay on.

Mcmanaman added the frost still on the ground is what matters most.

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