NDP budget will have impact on consumer confidence: political scientist

The markets could rise or fall based on the success of Tuesday’s budget, according to a Mount Royal University political scientist.

Lori Williams says the NDP will have to give a clear indication of what they are going to be doing and when.

She tells City News, Albertans will be looking to see whether planned initiatives and spending will have long term benefits.

“People have been waiting a long time for this budget, there’s been a lot of uncertainty, and so the job of this budget is to quell some of that uncertainty and once that’s done, I think it will have immediate economic benefits, just in terms of consumer confidence,” she said.

Williams says the province has two advantages right now, the first being low interest rates.

Secondly, the NDP should be taking advantage of how many people are now looking for work, by hiring a lot of them to work on promised infrastructure projects.

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