Political expert says don’t expect much to change with Ottawa spending scandals

Spending scandals and extravagant bills are now new to a change in government.

That from Mount Royal University Political Scientist Keith Brownsey who says no one should be shocked to see two relatively new ministers find themselves at the centre of a spending controversy.

“I think it’s very typical and I don’t even think it’s where several ministers got caught, I mean look at British Columbia where Christy Clark travels with a videographer, we look back to the mid-90s when Alberta was in a fiscal crisis and Ralph Klein had a car for $2,000 a day.”

Brownsey says it can be fairly expensive to lead that type of existence and have that type of job.

“I think they will rein it in, for example with Catherine McKenna’s photographs that was a bit extravagant, Jane Philpott with her cars, ya.”

“I never like rules and they are there usually to be broken,” he added. “There will be circumstances, say with example major meetings where you’re going to need a car so you simply can’t rule it out.”

He says what needs to happen is they need issue a rule for common sense and if the public deems it extravagant, you will pay the political price.

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