Calgarian survives mass shooting in Las Vegas

A Calgarian hoped to make fun memories to last a lifetime on her girls’ trip to Vegas this past weekend — she’ll now be remembering it for something horrible.

Mikey Unger was attending the festival with five friends and was walking back from the washroom when the chaos began.

“We started hearing, like, kind of popping noises, but it just didn’t register what it was,” she said.

Then concertgoers started screaming and running.

“We jumped behind the counter, like the bar, and there was a big metal cooler and with a couple other people, we pulled it away from the wall, and hid behind it,” Unger said.

Unger said it felt like they stayed there for an eternity as bullets rained down around them.

Eventually, they ran for the exit.

“It’s like, just so many people packed together in this little area, all trying to get out, which felt so vulnerable,” she said.

Unger said the whole group made it back to their hotel physically okay, but they are mentally shaken.

“It is probably going to deter me from attending bigger public crowd-type of events and stuff like that for a while.”

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