MLAs let off steam at axe throwing fundraiser

Alberta MLAs got together with supporters Thursday night in Calgary to show solidarity and let off a little steam.

The NDP hosted a fundraiser at Batl Axe Throwing, called Axe the Inequality.

Calgary-Acadia MLA and Associate Minister of Health Brandy Payne says this helps bring attention to some challenges faced by women in politics.

“Such as increased incidents of threats of violence and the like, as well as a chance to have some good female empowerment,” said Payne. “I haven’t done it yet, but I imagine nothing’s quite as empowering as hucking an axe.”

Payne actually did pretty well on her first throw as well:

Calgary-East MLA Robyn Luff, who herself has faced numerous death threats towards her and her family, says the event also serves as a showcase for women in politics

“Makes a big difference, you know we have a gender-balanced cabinet both here in Alberta and at the federal level, and you’re starting to see policies come out of it. So, the fact is that having more women in politics makes an impact and it makes a difference, and so we’re hoping that people take that away and help to get more women into politics.”

Payne adds that she hopes there will be a time where this will no longer be an issue

“For the most part, Calgarians and Albertans don’t think about doing that sort of thing. You know, they accept women’s role in our society and don’t use disrespectful language towards people that they disagree with. It’s important to highlight that, but then also to show that it doesn’t take up all of our time or our attention either, and it certainly isn’t going to stop us from doing the job we came to do.”

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