Insurance Bureau is out with the top stolen vehicles in Canada

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – The numbers are in and it appears a certain vehicle has been stolen more than any other in the past year.

The Insurance Bureau of Canada (IBC) released its annual list of the most frequently stolen vehicles Tuesday and it appears trucks once again top the list.

“For the western part of the country and specifically to Alberta, we’re seeing that it’s the larger vehicles, the Ford pickup trucks, the Silverados. The larger type vehicles are definitely the vehicle of choice,” said National Director of Investigative Services for the Bureau John Todd.

In particular, Ford F-250 and F-350 trucks were at the top of the list for Alberta and Canada.

Todd said there are many reasons why these vehicles are being taken but there’s one common theme.

“It’s opportunity. It’s a matter of where they’re available, how they’re available. This time of year, in particular, we’ll see an increase for sure likely due to the opportunity that exists by vehicles left running, vehicles warming up in the cold climates.”

Todd said that some stolen vehicles can be resold or used for its parts. He also warns that personal belongings in stolen vehicles could lead to further problems down the road for drivers, including identity fraud.

According to the IBC report, Alberta saw a six per cent increase for vehicle thefts in 2017, with New Brunswick seeing the biggest jump at 28 per cent.

Todd said that vehicle fraud continues to be a major issue and drivers need to do whatever it takes to prevent these thefts from happening.

“Auto-related fraud is on an increase across the country. The story really is about paying attention and making auto theft and auto-related fraud a priority.”

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