How prepared are you for a disaster? CEMA rolls out new tool to educate Calgarians

CALGARY (660 NEWS) —  As the risk of natural disasters increases due to climate change, organizations like Calgary Emergency Management Agency are ensuring Calgarians have the information they need.

The Disaster Risk Explorer is a new online website where Calgarians can find educational material on the type of risks and how to mitigate the impacts.

“We’re rolling out the Disaster Risk Explorer and what that is, is a tool where citizens can go onto the website and explore the disaster risks in Calgary,” said Deputy Chief Sue Henry with CEMA. “They can learn about the mitigation measures; how to be prepared and really understand the risks they face.”

It’s the type of tool that helps both citizens and frontline workers like Sgt. Darren Synott. He was a patrol officer for Calgary Police Service during the 2013 floods in Calgary and remembers the challenges they faced in helping people.

“We had to get people out homes that were down by the water. There was an old folks home down in Bowness that we had to get people out of because the waters were running up and starting to flood the building.”

“Just mostly a reactionary thing for street patrol.”

The Calgary Police Service was one of more than 40 agencies on hand at the annual Disaster Alley event at McMahon Stadium. Organizations demonstrated the various tools and equipment they use in disaster situations including the jaws of life, water rescue boats and scuba diving gear.

“This is the 10th year for Disaster Alley and we’re really excited to see it growing and seeing the community really start to take part,” Henry said. “Disaster Alley is kicking off Emergency Preparedness Week which starts tomorrow and goes through to the end of the week.”

CEMA also debuted their new Mobile Command Centre that they tested out on 17th Ave. during the Flames brief playoff run.

Information from the disaster risk assessment report was used to develop the online resource which can be accessed on your computer or phone. You can find the tool by clicking here.


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