News of potential pipeline construction spurs rally in B.C.

News that drilling could soon begin on the Trans Mountain Pipeline had pipeline protestors heading back to Burnaby Monday afternoon.

CALGARY (CityNews) – The shovels could be in the ground shortly for the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion.

The corporation in charge of the project said it will be out with a statement shortly about a date when construction will begin.

“We are pleased that the NEB has confirmed that we have met all the pre-construction conditions required to get construction underway at Burnaby Terminal, Westridge Marine Terminal and the Westridge Tunnel Portal site. We will have more to say about a specific start-date soon–meeting pre-construction conditions is one of several things that we need to have in place before getting shovels in the ground.”

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That news attracted protestors to the Burnaby Terminal in B.C. for a rally called “Drums, not Drills.”

One protester, Barry, cast doubt on the economic promises of the expansion.

“Most of it (oil) goes to that States and they will not get any better price for it by sending it offshore to Asia or anywhere else. The fact is when there’s every been any significant amount of oil that’s left here for China, it’s been when our prices here in Canada were super low.”

Others who attended the rally worry about a possible explosion of the pipeline, saying some nearby residents have nowhere to go.

Political Scientist at Mount Royal University, Lori Williams, said despite the opposition she expects the project will proceed.

“It’s hard to see what the basis for the objections at this stage of the game would be. The court’s been pretty clear on what was required, the federal government’s been pretty clear on complying with that.”

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However, Williams warns the Federal Liberals are still in tough to gain any seats in Alberta in the upcoming Federal Election.

“Pipeline or not, Justin Trudeau’s got an uphill climb in Alberta. His chances have significantly diminished as opposed to the 2015 election.”

Alberta currently has three Liberal seats in the House of Commons: Randy Boissonnault, Kent Hehr, and Amarjeet Sohi.

Williams argues that keeping those three seats in the province would be a victory for the Liberals.

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