What happens if Canada elects a minority government?

With the Liberals and Conservatives in a dead heat, the possibility of a minority government is becoming more likely. Nigel Newlove talks to an expert about the potential implications.

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – If the most recent polls are right, we could be facing a minority government after Monday’s election.

In that case, the Liberals and Conservatives would need support from other parties to provide a majority.

Keith Brownsey with Mount Royal University said even if the Conservatives win the most seats, the Liberals would most likely form government.

“Even the Conservatives win say, ten more seats than the Liberals, that does not entitle them to government, it’s that simple. Justin Trudeau, as the outgoing prime minister has every right to meet Parliament and see whether or not he can command confidence of the house.”

Brownsey believes if this situation occurs, Trudeau will likely keep his role as Prime Minister.

“As we’ve heard in this election, the New Democrats will not prop up or vote with the Conservatives, the Greens certainly won’t, they’re likely to win three maybe five seats.”

While talk of an alliance or coalition between the Liberals and NDP has angered some voters, Brownsey said those parties have the right to make that pact.

“We have a Westminster parliamentary system which says that the party that can control the most seats or a majority of the seats in the house, has the confidence of the house and therefore has the right to govern.”

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The last time a coalition government was attempted in Canada was in 2008 when the Liberals and NDP agreed on a coalition with support from the Bloc Quebecois. The agreement disbanded after then Prime Minister Stephen Harper prorogued Parliament.

Harper led the last minority government in Canada, which was overthrown in 2011 prompting an election, where the Conservatives won a majority.

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