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Mayor Nenshi responds after criticism on Twitter from Justice Minister

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Alberta’s Justice Minister and Solicitor General has turned to social media to attack Calgary’s mayor.

In a post on Twitter, Doug Schweitzer called Mayor Naheed Nenshi “Trudeau’s mayor” responding to comments made about police funding cuts.

Schweitzer insists the UCP government didn’t reduce police grants, adding Nenshi should get his fiscal house in order.

Some have responded to Schweitzer tweets with disdain, calling it disrespectful.

Mayor Nenshi replied back to Schweitzer asking him to put down the attacks and instead explain his government’s budget.

Calgary Police Chief, Mark Neufeld has spoken out over added expenses from the UCP government’s latest budget.

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The province is planning to keep a greater share of traffic ticket revenue adding up to $10 million a year, and will now make police pay for forensic testing, adding $2 million.

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