Survey finds troubling stats for depression in Calgary

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – It’s another sign the tough economic times are affecting the mental health of Calgarians.

Earlier this month around 4,700 people took part in an online test from the Calgary Counselling Centre as part of National Depression Screening Day.

The survey found 64 per cent of respondents had depressive symptoms and were recommended for further evaluation.

“People are feeling distressed,” said Director of Counselling Cathy Keough. “Economy is still an issue for many people, family relationships, loneliness.”

“The fact that 64 per cent of Calgarians that took the test were recommended for evaluation is consistent with the level of distress that we see in our clients,” said Dr. Robbie Babins-Wager, CEO of Calgary Counselling Centre.

Keough adds that, unfortunately, many who battle depression never reach out.

“Depression is a very difficult issue because it’s highly treatable, it responds very well to therapy, but over half of the people who are struggling don’t seek help.”

According to the Counselling Centre, one in 20 Canadian employees experience depression, and up to eight teens are depressed in every classroom in Calgary. However, only one or two teens are getting help.

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