Kenney defends decision to fire elections commissioner

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – Alberta’s premier is breaking his silence over the removal of the man investigating the election that made him leader of the UCP.

During a Facebook live Q&A, Jason Kenney was asked about Bill 22, which was passed in the legislature Thursday.

The bill will merge the Office of the Chief Electoral Officer with the Elections Commissioner, Lorne Gibson, removing his post.

Kenney argues this move saves money and investigations into elections can continue.

“The Chief Electoral Officer had done a perfectly good job of administering the election law and enforcing it and investigating alleged non-compliance and had done that from 1905-2018.”

The Elections Commissioner already handed out $200,000 worth of fines related to the 2017 UCP leadership race.

Alberta’s NDP Opposition has called the bill a blatant attack on democracy and a clear example of corruption.

WATCH: NDP fire back on Bill 22

Kenney believes the NDP created an unnecessary position.

“Whatever reason, last year the NDP decided to create two election bureaucracies to administer the elections law. They appointed someone over the objections of the opposition, which is quite unprecedented. We are now frankly back to where Alberta was from 1905-2018.”

The premier was in Texas promoting investment in the energy sector while the bill was being debated.

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