Protester hit by truck during peaceful rally, says anti-racism group

An anti-racism rally turned violent in central Alberta Thursday after a protester was hit by a truck. Rachelle Elsiufi reports.

PONOKA, Alta. – Mounties are investigating after anti-racism protesters in Ponoka say a truck drove into their group and hit one of the people attending a peaceful gathering.

A group of protesters gathered in Ponoka Thursday evening and were met with counter-protests from yellow-vesters, according to the Black and Indigenous Alliance Alberta (BIAA), which organized the rally.

“Later on, as we were making our way back to the rendezvous point, a truck swerved into our group, hitting one of our warriors,” reads a statement from BIAA. The victim is from Calgary.

“All the hate is bubbling up in Alberta,” said Chevi Rabbitt, who was at the protest and saw the vehicle speed off after hitting the protester.

Rabbitt says having someone weaponize their vehicle to attack a peaceful protester is terrifying.

“It’s scary knowing that there are people out there that can come out of the blue and harm us and harm protesters who are just trying to create safe and inclusive and racist-free towns.”

Rabbitt says this is the time for elected officials in Ponoka and Alberta to push for inclusivity.

As for the driver of the car, the BIAA says they’re still at large.

RCMP say the Ponoka detachment is investigating the hit and run, but there’s no evidence to suggest the counter-protesters were involved. However, online posts from the yellow-vesters say something else.

One post says, “We need a word with the driver, he didn’t back up and finish the job”, and another reads “bigger truck next time, do it right”. Another person posted, “Should have turned him into roadkill”.

The group says it will speak more about the incident on Monday in Ponoka.

-with files from Rachelle Elsiufi


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