Edmonton police cruisers crash in Calgary before officer’s funeral procession

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — Edmonton police are investigating after six of their vehicles were involved in a collision in Calgary on Saturday, ahead of a funeral procession for fallen police Sgt. Andrew Harnett.

Harnett was killed in the line of duty on New Year’s Eve while responding to a traffic stop along Falconridge Dr. N.E.

At around 11:00 a.m. the officers were driving along McKnight Blvd. and 47 St. N.E., enroute to the Calgary Police Service Headquarters as part of a convoy to pay respects to Sgt. Harnett.

They were travelling eastbound on McKnight when the collision happened.

“In total there were 12 police members in the vehicles involved,” said Edmonton police spokesperson Carolin Maran. “One police member reported a minor, non-life-threatening injury. No other injuries were reported, and EMS did not attend.”

Five of the vehicles sustained minor mechanical or body damage, and no civilian vehicles were involved.”

Maran added that none of the vehicles have been written off, though they don’t yet know the full cost of repairs.

The Edmonton police Major Collisions Investigations Section is looking into the collision, as it involved their members and cruisers.

Edmonton police were also in town to assist Calgary officers with directing traffic during and after the procession, which carried the body of Sgt. Harnett to police headquarters.

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