Tips on taking care of yourself while working from home

CALGARY – For those of you who’ve been working from home for nearly a year because of the pandemic, you know keeping your energy up can be a serious challenge.

Michelle Cederberg is a Calgary-based health and productivity expert who is out with a new book, The Success-Energy Equation How to Regain Focus, Recharge Your Life + Really Get Sh!t Done.

She says 2020 was a pandemic roller coaster.

“I think most of us expected it to be done by now, and so as we head into 2021 thinking, ‘oh my gosh, everything is going to get better’, we realize we still have some work to do. So, every single day I think we really need to check in with ourselves and ask ourselves, ‘what do I need right now to help make this manageable?’. A lot of it does come down to energy and self-care,” said Cederberg.

So how do you take care of yourself from the home office? One advantage is you’re not stuck in your car for a long commute.

“I challenge a lot of my clients to start their day by walking themselves to work. Wherever you are, go out the front door, walk around the block, two blocks, come back and then sit yourself down to work.”

Food is also key to keeping your energy up, but having the pantry within a couple of steps of your desk comes with pitfalls.

Cederberg suggests you plan healthy meals the night before, even if you’re working from home, and take a lunch break away from the desk.

She points up good nutrition is key to good brain function, and that’s important for focus and productivity, but don’t forget about your mental health as well.

“Focus on some positive that you have control over and perhaps spend a little bit less time with your device in your hand, doom scrolling.”

Her book is also available on Amazon.

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