Don’t let your kids eat batteries: AHS

CALGARY (660 NEWS) – After receiving several calls in the Calgary Zone, Alberta Health Services (AHS) is warning parents to not let their kids eat small batteries.

The batteries in question are button-sized batteries, commonly found in calculators, watches and some toys but are made with the same deadly materials found in other batteries like AA or AAA.

AHS notes that kids who eat these batteries show several symptoms including trouble breathing, wheezing, coughing and gagging when eating, trouble swallowing and chest and stomach pain.

However, children might not show any signs that they ate the toxic material but can still be seriously injured, even if the battery is dead or expired.

Parents are being advised to keep batteries locked up and always check battery compartments to make sure they are secure.

Other tips offered by AHS include supervising kids when using products containing these batteries and look for any loose batteries on floors, tables and counters and throw them away.

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