Nazi salute captured on Calgary dash cam

A Nazi salute recorded in downtown Calgary, just hours after a Confederate flag was seeing flying above a nearby cemetery. Is a disturbing rise in racist imagery redefining the city?

CALGARY (660 NEWS) — A Nazi salute was captured on a Calgary dashcam — just hours after a confederate flag was seen flying above a cemetery in the city’s southeast quadrant.

These incidents leading to outrage and questions about why there has been a recent rise in racist imagery.

The video, captured by a dashcam as a mother and daughter were taking a drive to look at the lights downtown, shows two young men standing at the side of the road, and as the car approaches, they make a Nazi salute.

Michelle Robinson recorded the incident on her vehicle’s dashcam and immediately pulled over to question the pair.

“Do you even know what you guys are doing?” Robinson can be heard saying in the footage.

The two men then proceed to say “Sieg Heil,” which was used as a Nazi victory salute.

“Why would you say that? Why would you say that dude?”

One of the two men then proceeds to claim he is German.

“That makes it even worse, dude. Aren’t you ashamed of that?” Robinson responded.

“I really got the impression we had two intoxicated individuals. And I think it really was ‘whoever is the next vehicle’ and they felt safe enough doing it to my daughter and I,” Robinson said in an interview with CityNews.

“I’m sad, I’m disappointed, I don’t understand how that’s okay, I had a great grandfather who fought in the Second World War against the Nazis, so it’s really hard for me to understand how people can be so glib about it”

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The camera footage was recorded at 9:42 p.m., just two hours after the picture was posted on Twitter showing a Confederate flag flying at Union Cemetery in the southeast.

What’s even more troubling, and angering to many, is the flagpole rises above a memorial for World War One soldiers and their tombstones.

Calgary councilors took to Twitter immediately, reacting to the image.

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney echoing the feelings.

A swift response saw the flag quickly taken down, and the Calgary Police Hate Crimes Unit is investigating.

But incidents like this seem to be happening with more frequency, a troubling trend that has many calling for action.

“I think it’s one thing to have a policy, but I think it’s another for it to be effective and enforced,” said Robinson.

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