Trans-Canada Highway stretch in B.C. makes list of world’s most dangerous roads

GOLDEN, B.C. – There’s a new survey looking at the world’s most deadly roads–and one road from Canada is on the list.

According to the insurance company that conducted the study, Budget Direct, Canada’s most dangerous road is a portion of the Trans-Canada Highway in B.C. between Golden and Revelstoke.

There have been 38 fatal crashes on that stretch between 2004 and 2013.

A stretch of the Trans-Canada Highway between Golden and Revelstoke, B.C. has made a list of most dangerous roads in the world. The study was done by Budget Direct. (CREDIT: Budget Direct)


Revelstoke’s mayor, Gary Sulz, says it isn’t really surprising that this particular stretch of highway made the list.

“Not at all. And as time goes, on there’s more volume on the highway which makes it more dangerous as w remove along that stretch,” he said, adding that section is definitely concerning.

Sulz says there’s some work that can be done to improve the area, but it won’t come cheap.

“The road between Golden and Revelstoke, the only way to really fix it is to deal with the volume. And dealing with the volume means twinning the road,” he explained.

A DriveBC highway cam photo of the Trans-Canada Highway between Revelstoke and Golden B.C. (CREDIT: Drive B.C.)


“That’s going to come. You know, as time goes on, they’re either going to do the easier section first and then later on partner together with the federal government to do some of the harder sections.”

Sulz predicts it could be another decade before we see any real improvement there.

While some people are used to traveling between Revelstoke and Golden on the Trans-Canada, Sulz says some people might avoid spending time in the area because of the dangerous section of road.

“If they’re dragging a big trailer behind them, they might be leery about coming this direction.”

The provincial and federal governments are currently working on improving another stretch of the Trans-Canada between Golden and the Alberta border, another area that was a bit of a problem with tight turns, single-lane traffic, and a dangerous cliffside.

The most dangerous roadways stats were compiled by insurance companies and government websites around the world.

Thirteen roads in North America made the list.

And while that portion of the TransCanada is definitely sketchy, it’s pretty tame compared to Bolivia’s death road–a 10-foot wide road with a sheer drop on one side.

Between 200 and 300 people perish on that road every year.

Eight roads in South America made the list, as did 40 from Europe, 12 from the Middle East and Central Asia, 21 from the rest of Asia and Oceana, and another 21 from Africa.

-with files from Paul James

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