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2021 Municipal Election breakdown: Ward 12

Transportation could transform the lives of many in Ward 12. Tara Overholt takes a look at what residents need to look for as they elect a new councillor.

CALGARY – The southwest’s ward 12 is one of the youngest in Calgary, with a majority of residents under the age of 35.

When it comes to transportation, the number of people driving a car to work is high. According to the last census, 81 per cent drive themselves, with just 9 per cent taking public transit.

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But that could change with the building of the Green Line LRT.

Political Scientist Lori Williams says it is key this election for residents of ward 12 to know where they stand on the issue.


“What is the position of your council candidate on issues that matter to you, including the Green Line, and perhaps, which version of the Green Line they support. Whether they’re going to advocate strongly for extension of it to those who are feeling a bit stranded,” said Williams.

Councillor Shane Keating, who is not running for re-election, has been the biggest champion behind the transit project. Both stage one and stage two of the project will affect ward 12 residents greatly, bringing transit connection to so many in the south.

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