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Albertans might not know referendum results until Oct. 26

Albertans might not know the results of the two referendums they’re voting on Monday for another week.

Those heading to the polls have a very full ballot, with the province’s municipal elections taking place, as well as two referendum questions, senate picks, a plebiscite in Calgary.


The two referendum questions are on equalization payments and daylight saving time.

Albertans can vote yes or no to whether they believe equalization payments should be removed from the Constitution and if the province should change to daylight saving hours permanently.

Those results will be tabulated by the local elections authorities, which have until Oct. 25 to report their results to the provincial government.


The UCP says it will share the results of those referendum questions the following day.

However, some unofficial results may be available from the municipalities counting ballots.

The government says it will determine the next steps after the official results are in next week.

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