Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program lifted Wednesday, restrictions on entertainment venues removed

Beginning Wednesday, Alberta’s Restrictions Exemption Program (REP) will be no more.

Premier Jason Kenney announcing Tuesday afternoon the province is ready to move into Stage 1 of its “path back to normal.”

WATCH: Alberta Premier Jason Kenney joins public health officials to provide an update on COVID-19 in Alberta

The removal of the province’s vaccine passport would mean Albertans vaccinated and not would be able to head to their favourite restaurants and venues without needing to verify their vaccination status.

Along with removing the REP, restrictions on food and drink at entertainment venues in Alberta will be removed. This would mean fans attending hockey games would, once again, be allowed to enjoy their favourite snacks and drinks at a game.

Capacity limits are also being removed for all venues except those with more than 500 attendees.

Another addition to Stage 1 of the province’s plan is removing masking requirements for children in Alberta.

Beginning Feb. 14, Albertans 12 years of age and younger will not be required to wear a mask.

When it comes to school, students of all ages can leave the mask at home as no masks will be required within schools beginning Monday.

“As I have long said, kids have been subjected to a heavy, and I think unfair, burden throughout the pandemic,” explained Kenney. “Given the very low threat COVID-19 poses to the health of children, it is no longer justifiable, after two long years, to continue to disrupt and restrict the normal lives of kids.”

Beginning Mar. 1, Kenney outlined Stage 2 of the province’s plan which includes a significant removal of several public health restrictions.

Some of the mandates lifted will include:

  • Indoor masking for all Albertans
  • All remaining school requirements
  • Youth screening no longer required for entertainment and sports
  • Capacity limits removed for all venues
  • Limits removed on indoor and outdoor gatherings
  • Work from home mandate lifted


Kenney says following Stage 2, the province will continue to monitor COVID trends in Alberta and will be able to make decisions based on that data.

“When it is safe to do so, we would then proceed to stage three, which would be to eliminate all remaining public health measures at that point.”

Kenney says this would mean COVID operational and outbreak protocols would be lifted in continuing care facilities.

It would also mean the end to any and all isolation requirements.

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