Brian Jean wins by-election, immediately takes aim at Jason Kenny

Former Wildrose Party leader Brian Jean wants to remove Jason Kenney as leader of the United Conservative Party.


Jean won the Fort McMurray-Lac La Biche byelection Tuesday night and immediately took a shot at Kenney.

“On April 9th we have a chance to reinvigorate our party and be competitive in the next election and if Jason Kenney is still there, we won’t be,” Jean said.

“Join me in Red Deer, Alberta, so we can have our say in the [leadership review] about the leadership we’ve received from Jason Kenney.”

He says the issues are bigger and worse than he expected.

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Jean is setting his sights on becoming the new UCP leader, and CityNews asked people how they feel about Jean.

“Same tiger with different stripes, but if nothing else, I think a change will be good,” said one man.

Another says he doesn’t think Kenney should be removed from the party.

“There’s nobody better, they’re all the same. The apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree, they’re all together,” he said.

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“[Kenney] doesn’t seem to listen to the people at all, it’s more of an ego and it’s sad when someone in power has an ego,” one woman told CityNews.

“I don’t necessarily want him as my leader, but yay! He won, so Kenney might be out, that’s how I’m feeling.”

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The leadership review takes place on Apr. 9 in Red Deer.

To participate, you must register before Mar. 19, pay a $99 fee and show up in person for the meeting.

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