UCP leadership vote has Brian Jean fuming about the changes

A campaign team behind Jason Kenney says they are pleased voting in the UCP leadership review is being made easier, adding something had to be done as the Red Deer venue can only handle 2,000 people.

Reaction to the changed plans depends on who you ask, as it’s possible ten times that many people would show up to vote.

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But, Brian Jean, who wants Kenney removed as leader, calls it a travesty and says a mail-in ballot is a formula for fraud and cheating.

“The UCP rules require that leadership review votes happen at either the annual general meeting or special general meeting; this is not a rule that the party board can change. This rule exists to make sure that no one votes who is not present at the meeting,” says Jean.

“It’s an anti-cheating mechanism that prevents fraudulent votes from being cast,” says Jean.

He says he’s talking with lawyers to see what options party members might have to make it an ‘in person’ vote again.

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Jean took to Facebook and criticized the party for changing the leadership review rules.

“Make no mistake, a rushed mail-in ballot is a formula for fraud and for cheating. The UCP cannot survive another tainted vote,” says Jean.

On the other side, the Kenney camp is out with a statement saying they are pleased it will be easier for party members to vote, believing the party is at risk of disenfranchising thousands of members, because the Red Deer venue couldn’t handle the crowds.

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