2022 Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction brings in $2.1 million

By CityNews Staff

For the first time since 2019, the annual Calgary Stampede Canvas Auction was held on Tuesday night and brought in more than $2.1 million in support for chuckwagon racing.

Dozens of companies bidding on a chance to sponsor and have their advertising featured on the chuckwagons during Stampede.

The auction is seen by many as a barometer of sorts for the city and province’s economic situation and is also a huge part of the funding for the driver’s operations for the upcoming season.

Calgary Stampede President & Chairman of the Board Steve McDonough says “The Stampede is thrilled to have chuckwagon racing return in 2022, and clearly, so is our community.”

He adds, “The bidding at the canvas auction shows just how popular chuckwagon racing remains, as well as the value placed on its cultural, historic, and sporting significance.”

Kurt Bensmiller earned the top bid of the night, with a final bid of $185,000 from Versatile Energy.

“After two years off from racing at the Calgary Stampede, it was fantastic to receive such a high bid – this was the highest bid I’ve ever received,” said Bensmiller. “All of the Drivers are excited to be back at the Stampede. The feeling is unexplainable – this is chuckwagon racing right here.”

The Stampede also announced a multi-year title sponsorship agreement with Cowboys, introducing the newly named Cowboys Rangeland Derby.

The 2022 Calgary Stampede runs July 8-17.


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