Albertans warned about text message energy rebate scam

Albertans who receive a text message about a rebate on power bills may be the target of scammers.

The province says it has been getting reports of some people getting a phishing attempt, which asks people to click a link and give over personal information.

Both the federal and provincial governments do not send emails or texts about an electricity rebate program or any other energy rebates, according to a government release.

Albertans are advised not to provide personal or banking information as a follow-up to a text message or email, especially if the sender has not been verified.

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The Alberta government is going to offer people rebates of $50 per month over the course of three months, but they haven’t announced when that will happen.

When that official rebate is announced, it will be applied directly to customers’ power bill.

Meanwhile the province is providing targeted relief for residential, farm, and small business customers who consume less than 250-megawatt hours per year.

–With files from Mark Strashok

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