Video games solution for ADHD learning difficulties: UofC researchers

Two researchers at the University of Calgary (UofC) say video gaming and “gamifying post-secondary survival skills” are effective solutions for ADHD learning difficulties.

Richard Zhao, an assistant professor in UofC’s Department of Computer Science, says the research brings the application of computer science research on real-world matters.

“We’re looking at using gaming technology … artificial intelligence to help students with ADHD and learning,” said Zhao in a tweet.

Dr. Meadow Schroeder, an associate professor and co-collaborator on the project, says the research shows gaming could make students with ADHD more successful.

“Students with learning difficulties and ADHD tend to have really big difficulties transitioning to post-secondary, and this project is a really unique opportunity to make this content accessible for them,” said Schroeder.

She adds working with undergraduate students brought creativity and fun to the project.


Tanya Keto, a registered psychologist and manager at Foothills Academy Society, says there’s a need for children with learning disabilities and ADHD to receive support when they transition to post-secondary.

“The collaboration between educational psychology and the department of computer sciences, it really is such an area that I had no idea and no understanding of… Trying to find a way to translate our work, which is education psychology, into the tech space,” said Keto.

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