Calgary Zoo celebrates Chacoan peccary brothers’ 9th birthday

Calgary Zoo took to Twitter to say happy birthday to their own Chacoan peccary brothers, Ancho and Serrano, as they turned nine years old Saturday Oct. 29.

They say Jalapeño, who’s the third sibling, also turned nine years old on Thursday.

The trio is part of a species Survival Plan (SSP).

“Our spicy trio are a part of a Species Survival Plan (SSP) which maintains the health of the peccary population in human care,” the zoo tweeted.

The Chacoan peccary animal was believed to be extinct for thousands of years, however, the indigenous Gran Chaco people revealed to scientists that it was actually alive.

The Indigenous Gran Chaco people consist of approximately 35 tribal groups in the Gran Chaco of South America.

The Chacoan peccary was previously known to scientists through fossils until they were “resurrected” by scientists in 1975.

“They may not be undead, but it really did seem like the Chacoan peccary came back from the grave!” Said the Calgary Zoo in a tweet.

The Chacoan peccary or tagua, is considered the last extant species of the genus Catagonus, where extant refers to living species that have survived till this present day.


The animal typically lives in the Gran Chaco of Paraguay, Bolivia, and Argentina.

There are approximately 3,000 animals of the species remaining in the world.

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