Calgary introduces new fees for on-street parking permits

Introducing the Market Permit Program: Calgary changes residential parking permits to a paid system. Jillian Code on how much some Calgarians will have to pay.

The City of Calgary is introducing new fees for on-street parking, including a new permit for those living in buildings without access to off-street parking.

The City says the new fees for parking permits are “to encourage the use of available off-street parking.” The fees are expected to be implemented mid-2023.

“These fee changes provide transparency of the RPP [Residential Parking Permit] program costs, which previously have not been reflecting the actual expense of administering the program and moves it closer to the vision of long-term sustainability,” said Ward 8 Councillor Courtney Walcott. “Rolling out the new fee structure will allow the parking program to pay for itself, and it is my hope that any surpluses will be re-invested in the areas they were generated in, enhancing the public realm to make these communities more attractive and vibrant.”

Calgarians who live in apartment or condo buildings built after 1945 will need to pay for a new permit to park on roads within 150 metres of where they live.

The new Market Permit will differ in cost per month depending on what part of the city you live in, and is “based on comparable off-street parking options.”

The City of Calgary says a Market Permit in the City Centre will cost $150/month, inner city will cost $100/month, and in suburban areas will cost $75/month.

Eligible Calgarians can also apply for a Low-Income Market Permit through the Fair Entry Program.


“Residents eligible for the Market Permit only need to apply if they do not have an existing RPP or once their current RPP expires, and only one Market Permit is allowed per residence,” the City said in a release.

If you live in a detached home, semi-detached home, or duplex, you will be eligible for three standard permits and two visitor permits in your zone. If you live in a building, you will be eligible for one select permit, “which allows a resident or visitor to park on-street in their” parking zone.

City council approved changes to the RPP program in January 2021 to accommodate people who don’t have access to off-street parking.

Chris Blaschuk, manager at Calgary Parking, says the new program “continues to make on-street parking available for residents while also considering the long-term benefits for all Calgarians.”

“By limiting on-street parking for residents who have access to off-street parking, we’re optimizing parking availability without requiring additional physical space. And by making the RPP program self-sustaining, we’ll have more opportunity to increase our overall parking revenue contribution to the City, investing those dollars back into our communities.”

To apply for a permit, and learn more about the program, visit the city’s website.

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