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A tiny town vs. QAnon’s ‘Queen’ of Canada

By Analysis by The Big Story

In today’s Big Story Podcast, Romana Didulo rose to prominence in 2020 as the self-styled “Queen” of Canada. She’s since gained a massive number of followers, moved her followers from online talk to in-person action, and has been traversing the country in a notorious RV for the past year. Today, Didulo and her followers have holed up in an abandoned school in a tiny prairie town, that absolutely does not want them there.

Peter Smith, an investigative journalist and researcher with the Canadian Anti-Hate Network, says Didulo has managed to surround herself with an incredibly devoted community of followers.

“It is a very complicated issue, and has really gone from a conspiracy-based community, into what I think would be much better viewed as a cult,” says Smith.

Today’s episode is about the pandemic’s oddest phenomenon, how it led to Richmound, Sask., and what the small community is doing about it.

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