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Calgary hockey dad develops app to aid in score board frustration

A Calgary hockey parent has turned his frustration into an innovative scorekeeping app that’s been adopted by the Flames Community Arena.

He says it will be a game-changer for parents in charge of running the clock.

Blitz Sports is an app that allows hockey and soccer parents to control the scoreboard from their iPhone.

Creator Dallas West is a chemical engineer, who says the idea first came to him right before the pandemic, after being frustrated with the keypands frequently used to control scoreboards in local rinks and schools.

“I have a daughter who plays ringette, I have a son who plays hockey, and through those communities I have seen other people who had very similar experiences to mine,” he said.

WATCH: Blitz Sports creator Dallas West demonstrates his Bluetooth-powered scorekeeping app

The app uses Bluetooth to connect to the scoreboard, allowing parents to start and stop the time, and add penalty minutes or goals from their iPhone.

But, to keep anyone from accessing the board, only one phone can be connected at a time.

West says not only does the app make it easier for parents, but it will also save precious ice time.

“In fact, I was at one of my kids’ games on the weekend where five minutes of ice time was wasted because the person controlling the scoreboard was unable to get a penalty correctly up on the board,” he said.

Now, West is hoping to see more local schools and rinks utilize the app, and is currently working to create a version for Android, which is in the early stages of development.

He says he’s just getting started.

“I’m really excited, I have a lot of other ideas on how we can make the app even better,” West said. “Step one is getting the app available to more people in different venues and then after that, building upon the app with new, great, features.”

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