Cancelled Lynx Air flights leave Calgary bride stressed

A Calgary bride is left wondering what her wedding day will look like as Lynx Air shuts down and leaves family members without plane tickets to get to the special day. Danina Falkenberg talks to the bride.

By Danina Falkenberg

A Calgary bride is devastated after 15 of her wedding guests had booked Lynx Air flights for the big day.

The budget airline went out of business Monday.

Jessica Cardin has been planning her Calgary wedding for two years, allowing time for loved ones from Ontario to plan to attend.

Now, the tickets they have booked are no longer valid.

“I’m supposed to fly home there in three weeks to work on wedding stuff, my invitations, and we now have rebooked but for triple the cost, so that’s more money coming out of the wedding,” she told CityNews.

Cardin’s wedding is months away, planned for July.

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She says the Lynx Air tickets booked were $324 plus taxes and now, on another airline, guests are looking at $824 plus taxes.

The bride says this is a financial burden that may prevent some people from attending.

“It’s heartbreaking,” Cardin said. “You know, as a little girl, you dream of this big, extravagant wedding with everybody in your family there, and your dad walking you down the aisle and giving you away, and now I probably won’t have that.”

Excitement the future bride had for her upcoming wedding has now been replaced with stress as she works with her long-distance family to find travel solutions.

“The hall is paid for, the food is paid for, it’s not like we can just go ‘Oh sorry, we’re going to change the date or cancel until next year,'” she said. “It’s paid for, like we can’t get the money back.”

Cardin says her family is looking into a group booking with a travel agent to see if that could save them some money.

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