Is ultralow-cost air travel doomed to fail in Canada?

By Analysis by The Big Story podcast

In today’s The Big Story podcast, ultralow-cost airline Lynx Air abruptly announced it was shutting down just ahead of busy March Break travel. Customers were left scrambling to make new – and likely more expensive – bookings.

Jonah Prousky is a management consultant and freelance writer who focuses on business, technology and society. “Even though we are in a sort of lull, and we’ve now in recent memory seen a kind of exodus of low-cost carriers, there’s no reason to think that in the future innovation and market entrance couldn’t spur new models for low-cost aviation in Canada,” said Prousky. 

So why wasn’t Lynx able to keep their promise of making air travel more affordable for Canadians?

Does this mean Canadians are destined to pay more for air travel?

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