Bad smell near Calgary airport no risk to public health, officials say

By CityNews Staff

A foul smell emanating near the Calgary airport poses no risk to residents, airport officials say.

In a post on X, the Calgary International Airport says, despite concerns from community members, testing has proven that the off-putting aroma lingering around the airport are safe.

“Although these odours can be unpleasant, field testing has indicated they do not present a risk to public health or the environment,” the post reads.

Officials say the foul scent in the area can be attributed to ice on top of stormwater ponds melting and then releasing odours from sediments and organic matter that have broken down over the winter.

The airport also says recent winter weather has meant an increase in the use deicing fluid to ensure safe flying.

“A greater than usual amount of deicing fluid in our glycol treatment systems also contributes to odours,” officials say.

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