Police warn of surge in break and enters at new homes in Calgary

Police are out with a warning to residents and construction businesses amid a surge of thefts targeting new Calgary communities.

Police are out with a warning to residents and construction businesses amid a surge of thefts targeting new Calgary communities.

The Calgary Police Service (CPS) say they have noticed an increase in break and enters happening in new homes and homes under construction across the city.

Police say many of the incidents have occurred the new community of Belvedere, in the city’s southeast.

“We encourage new homeowners and those working in home construction businesses who have been a victim of theft or a break and enter, to report it to police,” says Sgt. Nick Wilsher of the Calgary Police Service Crime Prevention Team.

Police say the items being stolen from the homes include appliances, electrical boxes, siding, windows, doors and various construction materials.

“The items being stolen in these incidents may indicate home entrances have been left unlocked, making it easier for thieves to help themselves,” Wilsher says. “We are reminding citizens to ensure their residences are secure and for those working in these residences to remain vigilant to help prevent crime.”

CPS is out with tips for homeowners and businesses to help prevent theft:

Tips for homeowners

  • Secure your property before heading to bed by establishing a 9 p.m. routine
  • Close overhead garage doors and any garage windows
  • Lock any doors leading to or from the garage, especially if they lead directly into your house
  • Close and lock all windows
  • Turn on an exterior light
  • Consider installing security or doorbell cameras, alarm systems and exterior motion lights
  • Close your blinds to prevent people from looking inside your home
  • Photograph your valuables and record any serial numbers
  • Consider using tracking devices (AirTags or GPS trackers) for your vehicle and any other valuables
  • If you live in a multi-unit complex with shared entrances, do not let anyone into the building that you don’t know
  • Get to know your neighbours and look out for each other
  • Report any suspicious activity to police

Tips for construction workers or contractors:

  • Secure or close all doors, windows and entrances into homes
  • Know your site and who is working on it
  • Question people visiting the site
  • Get a good description of the people you don’t recognize on and around your site
  • Take a license plate and vehicle description
  • If you see something suspicious, say something
  • Film it on your phone
  • Liaise between sites and take note of trends
  • Keep items of high-value in secure areas
  • Only confront individuals if it is safe
  • Call 9-1-1 for all crimes in progress

Anyone with information on break and enters or thefts in new communities are being urged to contact Calgary police.

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