NE Calgary blaze caused by propane barbecue, fire department says

Emergency crews took an individual to hospital after they were injured in a Saturday night fire.

By CityNews Staff

The Calgary Fire Department (CFD) says an explosion and fire in a northeast home over the weekend was caused by a propane barbecue.

Carol Henke with the fire department says the explosion on Anaheim Green NE was accidental, caused by a barbecue that was used outside and then moved into the garage.

The force of the explosion was so great that the garage door flew off, a boat rolled into another home, and the garage itself was knocked off its foundation.

Emergency crews took one person to hospital in serious, non-life threatening condition.

Fire department offers BBQ safety tips

The explosion has prompted the CFD to send out some barbecue safety reminders for residents.

It all starts with keeping your barbecue far enough away from your home or garage, says Henke.

“If you put your barbecue in an enclosed space, like the garage, and you have propane leaking, it will build up,” she says. “Once the propane finds an ignition source then you can have an explosion, or a fire start.”

She says your barbecue should always be at least three feet away, and always completely outside.

Whether it’s a propane or natural gas, Henke suggests doing the bubble test each year. The test consists of pouring soapy water on the connections to show if there are any leaks.

She says to avoid accidents residents should always start their barbecue by opening the lid and then turning on the gas or propane, followed by turning on the burners and then finally lighting it.

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