Could Naheed Nenshi cause an NDP divorce?

By Analysis by The Big Story podcast

Former Calgary mayor, Naheed Nenshi, is beloved by many in Alberta. And despite having never really been involved with the party, he might well be the favourite in the race to succeed Rachel Notley as leader of the Alberta NDP.

Graham Thomson is an Alberta-based political analyst. He says the outcome of this current leadership race could determine not just the future of the provincial NDP, but their relationship with the federal party.

“You do have people inside the party saying, ‘it’s time for us to cut ties with the federal NDP,’ and that’s become a bone of contention within the party,” says Thomson.

Nenshi’s campaign poses some fascinating questions for the party, both in Alberta and nationally. Questions that have been bubbling just below the surface for the past couple of elections, and are making insiders wonder about the future of a unified national NDP.

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